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My name is Vassilis Kallidis & I’m a chef, a restaurant owner, a book author, I host my travel and cooking tv show but above all I’m a foodie & a passionate traveler. This is my third guide book devoted to the city of Athens, the city I live & love most. This is not a proper city guide including all the musts & the do’s. I want you to see the real face of Athens, to eat, drink & walk like a local. I made a selection of places I adore and every time I visit I say to myself “Damn, the fish here is so fresh I wish the tourists knew this place!” Traveling around the world I know how it feels to be lost, first couple of days, visiting a vast city. I’m desperate to find what the locals eat in holes in the wall, with no waste of time. I always wish someone wrote a guide with real information, not just for tourists. This is what I did here for my friends visiting Athens & you all. Enjoy my book and the city!

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