Κατερίνα Καραγιάννη-Παραγιού


isbn  960-211-717-6

Σελ.: 104, Σχήμα: 12,4Χ21,7, Έκδοση: 2004, Εξώφ.: Μαλακό

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"Grammar Gadget" is a grammar reference book Grammar Gadget aims to be a handy guide to those who want to correctly use the English language, without getting lost in volumes of rules and theoretical knowledge.
Grammar Gadget's target is not to replace any other grammar or exercise book, or to play the role of a teacher.
Five different colours have been used as symbols of the different levels of the learning process.
Students, at any level of their learning process, can consult the Gadget whenever they need either a hand with their homework or a quick, gap-filling revision before a test, an interview, or a postgraduate exam.
Adults, a great number of whom profess to have satisfactory command of the language, but feel rather insecure whenever they actually have to use it either for business or while on vacation, can trust the Gadget for an effortless revision, a quick detection and correction of weak points and a costless boost of their confidence.
Teachers can make use of the Gadget on a regular basis to carry out revisions or tests or to decipher a new student's level before ranking him/her into the appropriate class.

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